On the grounds of Lilith Fair Boston


I’d never been to Lilith Fair, but I’d been hearing about it for years — 13 years, to be exact. And, after all this time, Lilith Fair is back so I was fortunate enough to go when it was in Boston. When I say fortunate, I really mean that.

All photos by Lindsey Byrnes

Here is where I was going to tell you all the reasons why Lilith Fair is relevant, entertaining and necessary. But it has been almost 2 weeks and have been trying to formulate a way to communicate these ideas ever since. I feel like just simply giving a run down of the bands and set lists would somehow not be good enough. And, going on and on about why a women’s music festival is important and relevant to you, AfterEllen.com readers, would just be preaching to the converted. So, basically I have overthought it to death and I just want to share with you a summation of my experiance.

It was awesome. Watching Cat Power, Tegan and Sara, Sarah McLachlan, Missy Higgins and so many female-fronted bands, seeing and feeling the support and love in the air (call me a hippie, I don’t care) was beyond awesome. Meeting Sarah Mclachlan was also a-whole-lot of awesome!

There was a press conference at the beginning of the afternoon festivities where all the artists got together and gave us writer/blogger/photo type people a chance to ask them anything that we wanted. I took the opportunity to nervously address the elephant in the room and asked Sarah McLachlan directly if we would have to wait another decade for Lilith Fair again. She informed us that contrary to popular belief and despite any negatives that the press has reported that Lilith Fair is returning next year. And, honestly, that is really all I wanted to know.

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