Prop. 8 ruled unconstitutional


It’s a happy day for gays in California and those outside that hope to have their home states follow suit. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker has ruled Prop. 8 against gay marriage to be unconstitutional, meaning that gay marriage cannot be banned in the state of California.

This is a huge victory, as we have been fighting this Proposition for more than two years. It has been a movement bringing the LGBT community out, not only in California but all over America. Wanda Sykes came out at a rally last year in Las Vegas, lending her name to the cause.

Stay tuned for reactions to this verdict and how this victory will effect same sex couples in California. California such a large population, this will likely have an effect that spans outside of statelines, sending a message to smaller areas of America. This is the first federal ruling to prohibit same-sex marriage based on the U.S. Constitution.

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