New Music Tuesday: 8-3-2010


I’d say,“Good Tuesday” to you all, but mine has started like this: Picture it, Sicily, 1945. A short chubby lesbian exits a bus wearing flip flops. It is raining and unusually chilly for this summer in particular. The lesbian is tired and hungry and is doing what she can to not get soaked even though she left her umbrella elsewhere. Just as she gets to the front of her large office building, on one of the busiest intersections in the city, her flip flop lurches forward uncontrollably and she falls to the ground in “rock-star splits” and is left with one pant leg wet and cold and one butt cheek, also wet and cold.

Onwards and drywards.

Katie MeluaThe House (Dramatico Entertainment Limited)

The top spot today (don’t kill me Gaga fans) goes to this beautiful doe-eyed Brit. She does electronic balladry well and her alterna-pop sensibility reminds me a bit of Allison Goldfrapp. The dark overtones of her songs are actually perfect for this rainy day. I’m quickly becoming a big fan.

Lady GagaThe Remix (Interscope)

Is there even a need for me to write anything about Lady Gaga that her worshippers won’t already know better than I do? No. So I’ll just say this remix album is less for Gaga fans and more for remix, dance and club fans. In general I’m not a remix fan, but Passion Pit‘s “Telephone” remix is one of my favorites and the Chew Fu “LoveGame” remix featuring Marilyn Manson really tickles me.

Various artists — The Kids are All Right (Lakeshore Records)

I still haven’t seen the film so don’t give me any spoiler alerts, but judging by the soundtrack, this might be one of the best movies of all time! Featuring songs from David Bowie, CSS, Joni Mitchell and Uh Huh Her all in one place, it’s like an auditory orgasm for the soul.

Honorable Mentions: Arcade Fire, Wavves, Autolux, The Black Crowes, Queens of the Stone Age, Les Savy Fav, Freddie Biggs and Los Lobos.

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