“Dollhouse” returns in comic book form


Remember when Joss Whedon said the story of Dollhouse ended with the series and that he would never do a Dollhouse comic book?

Well, every genius has a right to change his mind. And this week at San Diego Comic Con, lucky fans will get a preview of Dollhouse Epitaphs, a limited release comic from Dark Horse — with Felicia Day on the cover.

The only way to get the comic is with Dollhouse Season Two on DVD or Blu-Ray, which will be released October 12. But SDCC attendees who preorder will get a special edition Dollhouse lithograph of the cover created especially for the convention. Epitaphs writers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen will sign prints Friday, along with Joss, Felicia and Zack Ward (Zone).

Although some blogs are reporting that the comic book will be on-hand at Comic Con, Dark Horse Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie told Buffyfest otherwise. “It’s important people know that the comic itself will not be available at San Diego — you do not leave the show with a comic in hand.” The actual comic isn’t finished, in fact, and no copies will be released prior to the Season 2 DVD.

True to Whedon’s word, the Dollhouse Epitaphs story doesn’t pick up after the series finale. Instead, it bridges the ten-year gap between the regular series’ story and the two season finales, Epitaph One and Epitaph Two. The official synopsis from Dark Horse describes Epitaphs as “an intricate trip through the precise moment when the Active technology went global, and how the protagonists from Epitaph One and Two narrowly avoided death, and worse.”

Allie says that the comic includes the characters on the cover along with some new ones. So, we definitely will get to see how Mags (still gay, we hope), Grill and Zone’s lives dramatically changed when that screeching tone went out over the phone lines. We don’t know what role Echo will play in the story, but I’m sure she’ll be around.

Whether this will be the start of a Dollhouse comic series is yet to be decided. Allie would love to explore more of the Epitaph stories, but Whedon hasn’t signed on — yet.

While I’m glad we’ll get a bit more information about the events leading up to Epitaph One, I’m not sure I’d like a continuing Dollhouse comic. To me, what was most interesting about the show was watching the characters change into different people. I’m not sure a static format can convey the nuances of one person becoming another. But if anyone can do it, Whedon can.

What do you think? Are you excited about Dollhouse Epitaphs? Would you like to see a Dollhouse comic series?

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