Tegan and Sara’s “Sainthood” gets artwork and a release date


Those pixie-like new haircuts do little to dispel that myth that indie-rock twin singer/songwriter duo Tegan and Sara are really nymphs in disguise. Add to it the title of their new album Sainthood, to be released in October, and you might think a heavenly aura surrounds the sweetly singing sisters.

To whet our appetites Tegan and Sara have released a few morsels from the upcoming opus, including front and back cover art and a complete track listing.

In an interesting Dada-like mish mash, the front features a fairly straight-up three quarter profile portrait of Sara with the head of Tegan poking through a black and white photocopy-like cutout. Both wear striped black and white shirts so the juxtaposition of real and imagined is apparent.

On the reverse, the color and life of flesh and body are almost wholly removed as the photocopy cutout stands headless and alone. The only hint of the physical is the subtley whimsical peek of pink fingers holding the copy. Once again, Tegan and Sara manage to meld style with cultural reference and a healthy degree of irreverence.

The tracklist is equally compelling and mysterious:

Don’t Rush
On Directing
Red Belt
The Cure
Night Watch
Paperback Head
The Ocean
Sentimental Tune

Continuing their emotional and often forlorn tradition, these titles evoke a melancholy vision of what is and what can be. The image of “The Ocean,” constant, dangerous and thought-provoking, is right next to a blatantly honest “Sentimental Tune” while other songs are shrouded in uncertainty such as “Paperback Head” or “Alligator.” Certainly “Hell” is not a happy anthem, but is it really as bad as it seems?

Luckily, fans also have some concrete dates to look forward to hearing this new material live. The album releases Oct. 27, and Tegan and Sara will play Los Angeles on Oct. 25 and in New York on Oct. 30 and 31.

Are you psyched on Sainthood?

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