Reba stands by her fans, including the gay ones


Whether you’re a country music fan or not, you have to admit that female country singers, well, rock. Dolly has always loved her gays and earlier this year Martina McBride caused some red state fans to turn purple when she gave an interview to Out magazine.

Now Reba McEntire has joined the gay rights parade with her own Out interview.

Reba, who released her latest album, Keep on Loving You, last week, told Out that she has a simple response to conservative fans who might not appreciate her support of the LGBT community: Don’t judge. She said:

And that’s what it says in the Bible — “Don’t judge.” Keep an open mind. That would be my voice. I have gay friends. I have a lot of straight friends. I don’t judge them. I take them for what they are. They’re my friends, and I can’t defend my feelings for them, other than I like ‘em.

Wait — her only basis for friendship is whether she likes the person? What a bold concept.

Her approach to gay marriage is equally practical: “Again, I can’t judge that. I have gay friends who have partners, and I see why they would want to get married. I understand why. So, I can’t judge that.”

Gotta love her. I mean, the whole issue truly is that simple — live and let live.

Reba also talked with Logo’s NewNowNext about what she thinks of her “impersonators.”



Seriously, could she be more adorable?

Look for Reba this week on America’s Got Talent, Wednesday at 9 ET.

Are you a Reba McEntire fan? What do you think of her new recording? Do you think her open support of the LGBT community will hurt her sales?

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