“FitnessRX” magazine goes behind-the-scenes with Jackie Warner


Our favorite (out) celebrity trainer Jackie Warner is on the cover of the July/August FitnessRX magazine, which might not be shocking news, you know, since she’s a trainer and everything. But hey, we’re all about visibility, and that’s one more queer woman on the stands in all of the bookstores, right?

I’m not sure what’s up with her shorts, though. They’re strangely hot, but not very practical for the gym. And Jackie’s a big advocate for clothes that can go “from the gym to the streets,” as she’s mentioned numerous times on Work Out while working on her athletic fashion line.

The best part of Jackie’s FitnessRX feature, however, isn’t even in the magazine. There are behind-the-scenes videos and interviews on the magazines website that are much more exciting than the fitness tips in print.

Discussing her love of the public interaction she has from doing such shoots, Jackie said:

I love it when fans come up to me and say, “Wow, you really got me working out, you really changed my life,” or “I saw this photo shoot with you and I want your body.”

I’m sure that last comment probably came from a few AfterEllen.com members, right? (Come on, you can admit it. I will.)

In addition to a bit of an interview, Jackie explains her power circuit training workout that’s in the magazine, which is much more exciting than just reading it yourself. Plus, you get to see how she does it, rather than just try to figure it out from the photos, which can sometimes seem more like a before and after rather than actual instructions.

In one of the videos, Jackie mentions she started out in the fitness industry “a little late in the game” with just one client, and after making such huge improvements in only months, she was hooked:

I said, “If I can change someone’s life, not just their body, but their life and the way that they operate in this world, that’s the job for me.”

Jackie also gives some news to be excited about: She recently shot the pilot for her new Bravo series I told you about and is working on a book that will be out in January. She also has a new DVD coming out in December. Good to know, because I can never get enough Jackie — you know, for fitness motivation

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