JD Samson on MEN, Music and Sia


It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly ten years since JD Samson embarked on her first tour with feminist, queer dance punk sensation Le Tigre. The band got big fast, and JD went being from the band’s newest member to the hot lesbian everyone at shows had a crush on after witnessing her dance moves (and her calendar).

While her Le Tigre band mates, Kathleen Hanna and Johanna Fateman, have taken some time off from the road, Samson has been busier than ever.

Between DJ-ing, touring with her new(er) band MEN, working with Le Tigre on Christina Aguilera’s upcoming album, making a live Le Tigre DVD and spending as much time as possible for her girlfriend Sia, JD is a woman on the go.

JD and girlfriend Sia

“It’s hard, I’m never home. I’m home for maybe five days and that seems like a long time,” JD told me during a rainy van ride to a MEN show in Boston last week. JD calls Brooklyn her home when she has a few days to spare.

MEN, a DJ duo started by JD and Fateman in 2007 has changed dramatically over the past few years. While Fateman focused on opening her salon and having a baby girl (she still works with MEN and Le Tigre as well), Samson teamed up with Ginger Brooks Takahashi, of queer New York artist collective LTTR and musician Michael O’Neill to become a “band and art/performance collective that focuses on the energy of live performance and radical potential of dance music.”


The live performance part of the equation has definitely kept MEN busy. The band has already done a European tour and played countless dates in the U.S. — which they will continue to do throughout the summer.

While MEN hasn’t released any albums yet, JD says they have plenty of songs to work with when they get around to recording.

“This is a really weird time for us,” JD said. “We did everything kind of opposite, and we don’t really have plans [for an album]. We are selling 3-song CDs, a limited edition sampler thing, on the road. It’s funny because we have so many songs … we just haven’t had time to record everything.”

“Our hope is that this fall we will have a deal. We got in over our heads [with touring] before we had anything recorded. It’s fun to do it the punk rock way, underground.”

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