LGBTQ-Friendly Companies to Buy From on Black Friday And Cyber Monday


Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be the most overwhelming days in the holiday season. From all the ads to commercials, it’s easy to feel suffocated by consumerism and the need to BUY ALL THE THINGS. Not to mention it’s stressful when you have to worry about whether or not your money is going to the right place.

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

The good news is, us queers have A LOT of spending power and we’re here to help you buy wisely. Given Donald Trump’s impending presidency, we can’t think of a better time to use your wallet to support our allies.

Happy spending!


Photo: Lesbinomadic

Photo: Lesbinomadic

Expedia: Not only does Expedia support gay marriage, but their site allows you to search for “gay-welcoming” hotels and destinations.

Orbitz: Similarly to Expedia, Orbitz makes it easy for LGBTQ people to locate the most inclusive travel locales. The site regularly features long-form articles highlighting LGBTQ travel interests.

Hyatt Hotels: This chain supports events during Pride season and is often cited as a top “gay friendly” employer.

Marriott Hotels: In 2013, Marriott International hosted the first same-sex marriage ever officiated at the D.C. Capital Pride Parade. The chain also launched a campaign called #LoveTravels, which featured same-sex couples and transgender individuals.

Kimpton Hotels: In 2014, Kimpton announced a partnership with the Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to ending LGBTQ suicides.

Getaway idea: For all you #NeverTrump ladies out there, consider traveling to Washington, D.C. on January 21 for the Million Women March protesting Donald’s inauguration. A good idea is to book your hotel or Airbnb in Baltimore to avoid the high prices of the capitol. Commuter trains into D.C. are cheap, quick, and often. Plus, Baltimore has more off-the-beaten-path places to explore than Washington. We recommend the queer friendly neighborhoods of Mt. Vernon and Hampden.

If you rather go out of the country this year (we totally get it), consider jetting off to Madrid, Spain. The city has an amazing gay scene located in the La Chueca district, which is chock full of queer bars and restaurants. We suggest Truco and Escape if you’re looking to stay out until the wee hours of the morning.



Photo: Book Soup

Photo: Book Soup

Book Soup (Los Angeles)

Bluestockings (New York)

Porter Square Books (Boston)

Women & Children First (Chicago)

Atomic Books (Baltimore)

In Other Words (Portland)

2016 Book Recommendations:

Tranny: Confessions of Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout by Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!

Weekend by Jane Eaton Hamilton

Beijing Comrades by Bei Tong (Translated by Scott E. Myers)

For a full list of queer-approved bookstores to buy these titles from, click HERE.


Photo: Marimacho

Photo: Marimacho

Goodwill: If you’re looking for thrift goods this holiday season, choose Goodwill over Salvation Army. Goodwill is now an inclusive industry which recently set up a pop-up shop for employing transgender people in San Francisco. The company has also supported numerous LGBTQ measures.

Wildfang: Founded in 2010 by Emma Mcilroy and Julia Parsley, this company prides itself on catering to self-proclaimed “tom boys” and those who wish to take part in a fashion revolution.

J. Crew: In 2001, J. Crew was one of the first brands to feature a same-sex couple in their catalog. Despite backlash from right-wing groups, the line stood strong in their beliefs and have been a leading voice for the community ever since. It also doesn’t hurt that J.Crew President Jenna Lyons is coupled up with her very own lady love!

Marimacho: Created by Crystal González and Ivette Alé, this Brooklyn based company offers stylish masculine and genderqueer clothes for every body type. An added perk is all the clothing is produced at a women-owned factory in New York.

Levi’s: In 2016, Levi’s debuted a limited edition pride collection, a move which follows an impressive history of LGBTQ solidarity. From featuring same-sex couples in their ads to supporting the Harvey Milk Foundation, Levi’s has consistently been on our side.

Deals To Look Out For: Wildfang is offering 20% off full priced items and $20 off your next order on Black Friday. We’re digging the contrast hem Polar Knit Sweater for $72.00 which you can buy HERE.

J. Crew and Levi’s is gifting customers with 40% off all purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We recommend J. Crew’s ribbed cashmere hat for $68.00 which you can buy HERE.



Major Chains

Photo: Target

Photo: Target

Target: Known as the store to “turn” your kids gay, Target has openly supported same-sex marriage and LGBTQ rights for years now. Not to mention the company took a MAJOR stand in transgender bathroom debate this past year.

Amazon: In 2012, the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos donated 2.5 million dollars to support same-sex marriage legislation. The billionaire has since been outspoken ally for the LGBTQ community.

Home Depot: Home Depot is one of the leading chains to offer equal benefits to their LGBTQ employees. When the company’s CEO chairman Frank Blake was handed a petition of 500,000 signatures denouncing his gay-friendly practices, he basically told them to go fuck off.

Starbucks: While Starbucks is far from a perfect company, it has staunchly supported same-sex marriage in the face of boycotts and upset from conservative customers. The company also offers benefits for same-sex partners.


Microsoft: Microsoft’s relationship with the LGBTQ community runs deep. One of the company’s first five employees was gay and left $65 million to pro-gay organizations after his 2006 suicide. Going even farther back, in 1993Microsoft became the first Fortune 500 Company to grant equal benefits to gay employees.

Apple: Not only is Apple’s CEO Tim Cook an out and proud gay man, but the company has a history of supporting LGBTQ legislation.



Let’s face it — drinking might be the only way we get through this holiday season. We’re going to need literally all the wine to survive those political conversations arguments with our relatives. Bring on the buckets of booze, please!

Absolut: As early as 1981, Absolut has supported LGBTQ customers with pro-gay ads and marketing campaigns. It’s estimated 31 million has been spent on sponsoring Pride events and other advertising initiatives alone.

Trader Joe’s: Ah, what would we be without Trader Joe’s? While the store’s $2.00 dollar Charles Shaw wine might not be the fanciest shit around, it will do the trick. An added bonus is the chain is often a top ranker in LGBTQ companies.

Costco: In a surprise twist, Costco is actually one of the most LGBTQ-friendly stores around. Who would ever guess our parents’ favorite discount store was for the queers? Even though you need a membership to buy your booze, it’s worth it for all the cheap prices. Typically you can buy quality wine from vineyards for under $20.00 dollars, which is quite the steal. Pro-tip: look for the bottles with the Kirkland label.

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