“Fast Company” praises women in technology


Last year, the business magazine Fast Company compiled a list of the top women working on the web. It turned into, in their own words, “a firestorm.” Commenters on the magazine’s web site became “graphic, sexist, and nasty.” The magazine took action and had to remove several users from the site, but it didn’t stop them from doing another list this year.

The article, “The Most Influential Women in Tech,” is prefaced with the fact that women are at the top of the field:

The fact is, women who have succeeded in technology deserve recognition; they are an inspiration for everyone, male or female, demonstrating what can be achieved through creativity and hard work.

The list is separated into Executives, Brainiacs, Entrepreneurs, Gamers, Bloggers, Activists and Evangelists. Included on the bloggers list is out lesbian Gina Trapani, who runs the tech site Lifehacker:

She went from writing code to writing one of the highest-trafficked (25 million monthly visitors) technology blogs ever. The go-to online manual for geeks, Lifehacker is now a book, subtitled 88 Tech Tricks to Turbo-charge Your Day.

Also on the list are Jill Tarter, who was the inspiration for Jodie Foster’s role in Contact, and Morgan Romine, the captain of the all-girl professional gaming team Frag Dolls.

Check out the entire list at FastCompany.com. Do you think they missed anyone?

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