UK lesbians think Pink will come out in 2009


Pink may have backtracked on previous statements about her own experience with girl-on-girl love, but UK lesbians still aren’t convinced. The singer topped a recent poll conducted by as the No. 1 straight girl crush, with 31 percent of participants saying they are expecting (or wishing?) she’ll come out of the closet this year. Wow. That’s a pretty big assumption. Are they psychic? I certainly hope so.

Lesbilicious refers to Pink as “secretly gay” and writes:

… she’s got the hair, the tattoos and most importantly the attitude — no wonder lesbians love her! Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before she realises how much more fun girls are and comes over to the dyke side.

As much as we’d all love for this to happen, Pink doesn’t seem to be very secretive about anything. She’s talked before about past flings with women, and sure, she later brushed those off, but everyone is entitled to grow up, learn about themselves and marry/divorce a dude, thus causing their lesbian fans to think they may actually have a chance to date you, you know, if you’d just come out already.

The poll also found that Ellen Page is right behind Pink as the No. 2 favorite straight girl, but Lesbilicious made no claim as to what percentage of respondents think she, too, will come out. Maybe they don’t think that will happen until 2010, 2011. Tina Fey came in at No. 3 (but she’ll always be No. 1 to us!). Katy Perry, on the other hand, was favored by only 3 percent.

As for actual lesbian and bisexual women who were favored in the UK, Ellen DeGeneres was No. 1 (shocking!), Angelina Jolie was right behind her at No. 2 (Really? Still?) and Leisha Hailey came in at No. 3.

Is there someone you think might come out in 2009? Do you expect Pink to be making related statements anytime soon?

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