47 Things to Do on AfterEllen Until 2009


It’s almost the end of 2008, and the AfterEllen.com staff, bloggers, vloggers,
recappers and writers are taking a much-needed break today through
Jan. 5, 2009.

But for those of you who want a break now and then from all the shopping, eating,
and hugging of relatives you haven’t seen in a year, I’ve created this list of
things you can do on the site while we’re gone. I hope you’ll discover at least
a few things you haven’t read or watched or done before.

If nothing else, just reading this list ought to burn up an hour or so!

So here they are, in no particular order:

Read The 2008
AfterEllen.com Visibility Awards
, compare the results to previous years,
and see how much (or how little) has changed.

Browse through all
the single AfterEllen.com members
(Apologies in advance for the messy display!
We’ll be fixing that soon.)

Keep up on all the latest Lindsay Lohan/Samantha Ronson news
through our previous blog
posts and articles
, and in the related forum

Learn more about those Norwegian
handball players
everyone keeps talking about (Gro Hammerseng
and Katja Nyberg).

Watch all the music
on AfterEllen.com.

Add a video to your profile by clicking on "My Account" then "edit"
then "video" (all links located near the top of the page). Then paste
the embed code in the field provided.

Watch Mary-Louise
help Cat Davis pick up women
(literally and figuratively).

Prepare for the sixth and final season of The
L Word
by reading Scribegrrrl’s fifth-season
, StuntDouble’s fifth-season Facebook feeds (part
and part 2), Dara Nai’s
take on the
best and the worst of Season 5
, Dorothy Snarker’s analysis of the Season
6 fashion,
and spoilery
. Then discuss everything related to the show in our L
section of the forum.

Relive the glory of the triumph of the lesbians at the
2008 Olympics

Watch the entire first season of the dark,
gritty web series Feed

Cath up on the lesbian storyline on All My Children with our blog
posts and articles
, interview
with Eden Riegel
, and in our AMC
forum thread

Leave a message on someone’s Feedback wall on their profile. Just login and
leave a message on another member’s profile page — about their avatar,
their stated interests, their current status, or a comment they made on the
site. If you want to ease into it, you can try it on my profile
and just say hi 🙂

Watch Lena Headey play the roommate from hell in the
season finale
of Ghostella’s Haunted Tomb.

Learn about interesting TV shows in development, like Fables
(based on the comic book); Bitches
(female werewolves); the
untitled Amy Poehler comedy
(also stars Rashida
); Legally
(Kristin Chenoweth in a legal drama), Glee
(Jane Lynch); untitled
Lauren Graham sitcom
; Cougar
(Courteney Cox); Time
(Jada Pinkett Smith); and Lost
and Found
(Katee Sackhoff).

Find out which of the shows and women we like are nominated
for Golden Globes
this year.

Read about all the women who came out this year: Dunja
(Germany); Wanda
(U.S.); Lindsay
(U.S.); Alisa
(U.S.); Sia

Say goodbye to South
of Nowhere
by reading recaps
of the last two seasons
, and interviews with Mandy
and Gabrielle
; watching Mandy and Gaby pillow-fight
with Bridget McManus
on Brunch With Bridget; and watching Jenn
and Dee video blog the
last season
on Come With Me if You Want to Live.

Watch teenagers talk to their parents about being gay/bi on MTV’s Sex…With Mom and Dad.

Read profiles of celesbian marriages in Celebrating Lesbian Marriage, and learn the history of lesbians weddings in film and TV.

Catch up on news about women in sports over the last several months with our
Keeping Score blog posts.

Get up to speed about films in development with interesting women in them,
like Tron
(Olivia Wilde); Portland
(Erin Daniels); the
Laurel Hester movie
(Ellen Page), The
(Evan Rachel Wood); The
(Lena Headey); the
Joan Jett biopic
(Kristen Stewart); Jennifer’s
(Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfriend);
Arrested Development movie
(Portia de Rossi);

(Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed);

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
(Emma Watson);
Danish Girl
(Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron);
(Emily Blunt and Amy Adams);
Lesbian Vampire Killers;
and Bitch Slap.

Watch Liz Feldman interview/hit on Kate Moennig, Erin Daniels, Clementine
Ford, Uh Huh Her, Tegan Quin, Emily Deschanel
and others on previous
episodes of This
Just Out with Liz Feldman

Read up on the mid-season comedies Cupid
(Sarah Paulson), Better
Off Ted
(Portia de Rossi), and Dollhouse
(Eliza Dushku).

Check out the music of other
AE members
(and promote your own).

Read the Jane’s

Revisit Jon Stewart’s
greatest lesbian moments

Watch Bridget judge me for a sordid incident in my past on Brunch
With Bridget
Episode 10
(the one where we’re wearing bathrobes and I make Karman pillow-fight
for me. Good times.)

Watch the first season and part of the second of the web series B.J.
Fletcher, Private Eye
, and speculate about whether Fletch and George
will ever realize their true feelings for each other.

See how math and science are put to good use with Lesbian

Learn all about Los Hombres de Paco (Paco’s Men) — the Spanish
drama with a lesbian couple that was just voted Best
International Scripted TV Series with Lesbian/Bi Characters
by AfterEllen.com
readers — in our forum
thread devoted to the show
(lots of English recaps and explanations provided).

Read the AfterEllen.com
Guide to Lesbloitation Movies
, and see what happens when
bad movies happen to good actresses

Change the headline/status on your profile. (Go to My Account, and click next
to your name to type in your status headline. Change whenever the mood strikes

Overdose on Gossip
mini-caps, news, and photos

Watch Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones solve
the world’s problems with puppies
and kittens.

Prep for the Grammy’s in February by reading about which
women were nominated

Relive all the funny
Tina Fey/Amy Poehler Saturday Night Live skits

from election season.

Discover new books in two years’ worth of Across
the Page

Watch all 25 episodes of the first season of Cherry
— again or for the first time.

Meet other fans in the Tegan
and Sara forum thread

Watch the Top
8 LGBT Political videos of 2008

Weigh in on movies you are supposed
to love but hate
, which movies
made you realize you were gay
, and whether
you’re more of a Sheryl Swoopes or Portia type of woman

Watch all six episodes
of the frenemy comedy Joni & Susanna.

Get fashion tips from our "Styled
Out" blog posts
and Alexi’s
Closet video blog

Catch on all the latest video game news, in written
or video blog form.

Ask other AfterEllen.com members
for advice
about dating, coming out and other topics.

Read more lists! We’ve got 12
romantic pairings we’d like to see
, 11
unintentionally scary lesbian moments
, the
Top 11 cinematic lesbian "reveals"
, Karman
and Malinda’s top 11 lesbian fashion accessories
, Dara
and Karman’s 10 hottest femmes
, the
top 9 rules of seduction in lesbian cinema
, the
top 8 embarrassing celesbrity moments
, seven
lesbian lessons from back-to-school movies and TV shows
, and lesbian
sex scenes that made movie history
. Plus, every episode of Dara
& Karman’s Hit List
is a list (bad lesbian stereotypes, best couples,
worst couples, etc.)

Finally, you can see who’s
online right now
, and add one of them as a buddy. Then you can see whenever
they’re online at the same time you are. If you want, you can start with
&#8212 just don’t tell Lori if you see me logged on between now and Jan. 5.
I’m supposed to be doing offline activities during the holiday break, like "reading"
and "relaxing." Whatever those are.

See you next year!

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