Kim Ann Foxman Is a Goddess Among Men


The New York Times called Hercules and Love Affair
"alt-disco" and Pitchfork Media wrote the band has "some of the
best new music going around." If the mainstream media and snobby music
blogs agree, there has to be something to this band — and there is. One of
H&LA’s key members is out lesbian Kim Ann Foxman, who sings and spins on
some of the best tracks on their debut self-titled album.

Foxman finds her groove
alongside band members Andy Butler, Nomi and special guest star Antony (of Antony
and the Johnsons), and her contributions make the album rich with feminine
vocals, offsetting and at the same time complementing her partner’s falsettos.

Butler is admittedly the ringleader of the
band, as he started to create the songs for the studio album on his own before
bringing in Foxman to be "the guinea pig," as she put it. The two had
been friends for several years and met in the club scene; Foxman has been into
"club culture" for a long time.

"It was my passion," she told via email
while on tour in Europe. "I was into the
rave scene in San Francisco
[and] while I was there, I was in an indie electronic band called Toobit. When
I moved to [New York],
I started DJing out. I play dance music: a lot of classic house, techno, acid
and disco."

All of these influences can be found on the H&LA album,
which came out on both DFA and Mute Records. Originally intended to be a fun
studio project, it has since grown into something much bigger for all involved.

Kim Ann Foxman (left) with Andy Butler

"I wasn’t involved in songwriting process," Foxman
wrote. "I was around for the growth of the songs though — ­just naturally
because I’m always hanging with Andy while he is working. It was always fun for
me. He’s one of my best friends."

Foxman and Butler are New
Yorkers who used to DJ parties together, including a night at the now-defunct Brooklyn gay club The Hole.

"We used to hang out and work on silly songs together
for our party," she recalled. "That started our working relationship.
It was our idea of fun."

Besides her DJing duties, Foxman was — and still is — a
jeweler who sells her sterling silver and gold items to select boutiques in New York, San Francisco
and Miami. She
describes her style as "classic aesthetic things, antique things, timeless
things, unisex things." But "music comes first right now. … My life
as a jeweler I’m happy with the way it is. It’s how I’ve always wanted

She also seems happy with how her music career is going,
even in its early stages. The band’s debut was just released at the end of
June, but the buzz about Hercules and Love Affair has been mounting since the
spring, when the band’s first single, "Blind," was released.

A subsequent video release has given Foxman and her
bandmates even more exposure, especially since the vocals on the track are from
Antony Hegarty, a transgender indie performer whose 2005 album I Am a Bird Now was a huge critical
success. He has since worked with Lou Reed, CocoRosie, Joan as Police Woman and
Rufus Wainwright.

Hercules and Love Affair’s next single will be the
Foxman-sung tune, "Athene"; they are also shooting a video for the
song. "I’m excited to start" filming the video, she reported.
"That will be fun!"

Her enthusiasm carries over into their current first-ever
tour, which is in Europe through July.
According to Foxman: "Touring is amazing and of course at times
exhausting, but I really love it. I get to travel to places I’ve never been and
it’s very rewarding to feel like you made people happy, and see them singing
along. It’s all new to me, so it’s so exciting and we are learning so much with
every show, and getting tighter and tighter. The personal growth as a band
feels so good."


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