Lesbian Podcasts Worth a Listen


Ever since podcasts swept the internet a few years ago, thousands of podcasters have flooded the web with their opinions on virtually any subject you can name — including quite a number of lesbians. Podcasts are, essentially, radio shows you can download and listen to any time you like on an mp3 player or computer. (They are not video blogs.)

Wading through the masses of podcasts can be daunting (and time-consuming), so AfterEllen.com has put together this list of the best and most popular lesbian podcasts around. We even asked the veteran podcasters what they would advise anyone who wants to start her very own lesbian podcast.

The Lesbian Lounge

Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET, tune in to Denise and Donna as they hobnob with the lesbian gliterati, promote upcoming musicians and movies, and crack wise about everything from booze to the dreaded lesbian bed death.

AfterEllen.com: How/why did you start your podcast?

Denise: The concept was to create something that would bring lesbians info on new books, places, authors, films, websites, businesses — anything related to our world, and yet make it entertaining and easy to access. They don’t have to leave the house; they don’t have to subscribe to anything; they can just get on their computer, and there we are.

Donna: We realized it was a great way to make our show available to women everywhere. No one had to commit to being at her computer during the weekly live broadcast of the original show. This has allowed our listening audience to be worldwide and to grow constantly. Once a new listener finds us, she can hit the podcast archives and download past shows so she can feel caught up with us.

AE: Who’s been your best guest, or what’s been your most memorable show?

I’ll go in stages here. I think the most notable guest was Ilene Chaiken, the most fun is always Suzanne Westenhoefer, and personally, I think having Jane Lynch on the show was a thrill.

It’s really hard to choose which was most memorable — Carly Pope, Sharon Gless, Guinevere Turner, Daniela Sea, Jill Bennett, Cathy DeBuono — all wonderful guests, along with Julie Goldman and Kate McKinnon. It’s been great having such funny and talented women on the show.

Donna: Our best guest is always who we just had on last week! We have had unbelievable music guests: Bitch, Antigone Rising, Sophie B. Hawkins and a bunch of independent women artists Denise and I want everyone to hear about. Jen Foster, Nedra Johnson, Jamie Blake, Julie Schurr — the list goes on and on.

AE: Who would be your ultimate guest, living, dead or undead? Or all three?

I always thought it would be cool to have Oprah, Ellen and Rosie on the show, but when I see the response we get having the POWER UP execs Stacy Codikow and Lisa Thrasher on the show, it’s pretty much the same exhilarating experience, so I’m good with that!

Donna: Of course we’d love Rosie to stop by, and Ellen. Hillary? Maybe. We’d have to ask her our usual questions: “What are you wearing?” and “Are you getting a lot of poon lately?” So I’m not sure how long the interview would really last. Maybe we’d have to have Bill answer those?

My one dead guest would have to be Gertrude Stein. I have a lot of questions for her.

AE: What’s one piece of advice you’d like to give to anyone who wants to start her own podcast?

When in doubt, go with a fart joke.

Donna: Don’t be afraid to do it. Get your friends to talk about it with their friends, and your audience will grow. The best thing about having a podcast available is that no two are alike.

AE: OK, what’s another piece of advice?

Denise: Be sure your mic is off when you’re bitching at your co-host.

AE: It’s L Word sweeps time! Who would you like to see as a very special guestbian on your show or theirs?

I guess Leisha Hailey is the logical answer, but a part of me would love to get the all the writers and producers in a room and just let the drama fly!

Donna: Kate Moennig and Leisha Hailey. No, wait — Jenny and Adele, and then we’d try to tell them apart on the phone. No, wait — Rachel Shelley. Yeah, Rachel, that’s the one.

AE: Are there any podcasts you listen to?

Denise: Huge fan of 2 Homos!

Donna: We love those girls!

AE: You’re podcasting live from a boat when you realize that you’re not on a “luxury liner” — you’re on a haunted pirate ghost ship, and it’s sinking! What are your last words?

Save the rum!

Donna: I should have booked an Olivia cruise!

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