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The tech folks over at recently compiled a Sexiest video game characters top 5, in a quest to find the few characters with “the complete package: looks, brains, confidence – and that mysterious element the French call ‘je ne sais quois’” that do it for us gamers. Yeah, I bet that was easy. In fact, I bet that the good folks of Tecmo had those exact characteristics in mind when they developed Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball.

Right? Anyway, everybody knows sex sells, so it’s quite normal to have a few babes (male or female) appealing to the gamers. Still, this unusually short list has a couple of interesting (and odd) choices, which focus on a lot more than just a nice pair of … pixels. For example:

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series)

What? Lara Croft is intelligent and … stuff.

OK, seriously now. It’s obvious that no sexiest video game characters list can be credible without “the queen of virtual babes”: Miss Croft. Since Tomb Raider’s original release in 1996, Lara has become an Eidos Interactive goldmine, both in the video game industry and in Hollywood. Whether it’s the looks, the guns, the attitude or the accent, no one can resist Angeli — er, Lara Croft.

Jade (Beyond Good & Evil)

Now this is an interesting choice. Jade is one of the few leading ladies in video games, but she’s not your typical eye candy: she’s actually smart, talented and, all in all, a pretty nice role model. Kudos for choosing her. Also, did you notice that hair and that attitude? Quite … ambiguous. Just ask our friends over at

There are also two men on the list: Agent 47 (Hitman series) and Dante (Devil May Cry series). The choice of Agent 47 is odd. Sure, Agent 47 wears nice suits, but … he’s scary. But I have to agree with the choice of Dante, who is very stylish and, seriously, isn’t he a bit lesbianish?

Dante (Devil May Cry series)

Look at that nice hair. Pretty lesbianish man, if you ask me. OK, maybe it’s just me. But hey, he’s very good looking and can kick some serious butt. Also, Devil May Cry is fun.

So I agreed with some of MSNBC’s choices, but that doesn’t mean they would be on my top five. So here goes my top five sexiest video game characters:

5. Eva (Metal Gear Solid 3)

Who doesn’t like girls with guns and unzipped jump suits? Eva was one of the most interesting characters in Metal Gear Solid 3 (picture on the right), so Hideo Kojima (MGS’s creator) is bringing her back in MGS 4, but as an older woman (picture on the left). I think prefer the younger Eva, but I’m also digging the old Eva. Sure, I have a thing for older women, but she exudes confidence and, well, meanness. On second thought, she looks like she might lock you up and spank you. Hmm …

4. Nina Williams (Tekken series)

Nina is one of the few characters that Tekken’s creators have maintained throughout the whole series. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell you why.

3. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil series)

Resident Evil was the very first game I played on my Playstation and I absolutely loved it. Maybe that didn’t have anything to do with Jill, but when she returned as the protagonist of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, I ran to store and bought the game. No doubt about it: a girl who can fight of hundreds of zombies, solve puzzles and still look lovely in a tight shirt is definitively a keeper.

2. Maria (Silent Hill 2)

Silent Hill is one of my favorite games, so when I played Silent Hill 2 I was just as mesmerized as James (the lead character) when I saw Maria. Sure, she was sinister and dark and looked kinda evil, but – what can I say – I love enigmatic characters.

1.Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series)

Well, duh. Like you didn’t see that one coming. I’m a sucker for Angelina. Or is it Lara? I forget. Well, who cares?

Do you agree with my choices or do you prefer MSNBC’s? And, most importantly, what’s your top 5? (Feel free to add male characters as well!)

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