Dinah 2008 AfterEllen.com AfterNoon: Stand-Up


At last week’s Dinah Shore Weekend, out comedians Jackie Jones, Liz Feldman, and Bridget McManus made us laugh us with stories about Dinah, personal revelations, and a very sweet and funny (and unusually profanity-free) lesbian sorority song Bridget sprung on me surprised me with at the event.

Naturally, we filmed the stand-up so all of you at home could join in the fun, and because we needed more video to edit between the hours of 2am and 6am. (Sleep? Who needs sleep?!)

Unfortunately, due to technical issues during Jackie’s opening set (the mic didn’t work), we weren’t able to include her footage here, but we have most of Liz and Bridget’s for your comedic enjoyment.

Liz Feldman

Bridget McManus

Bridget being Bridget, we couldn’t include her last song in our video because, well, my arm got tired from bleeping out all the f-words only a few seconds in. But you can mosey on over to Bridget’s MySpace profile if you want to see the song in all its profanity-laden glory. And check out Liz’s MySpace page and Jackie’s MySpace page for more lesbian hilarity.

Dinah 2008 AfterEllen.com AfterNoon: Stand-Up

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Look for the improv portion of the AfterEllen.com AfterNoon in the next day or two, and more stand-up through-out the week from the Logo Comedy Cocktail Hour at Dinah. (We can sleep when we’re dead!)

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