Piper Perabo explores “reasons to be pretty”

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Earlier this week, after noting that two actresses
reasonably well-known for playing lesbian and bisexual characters would be
playing two of the three flight attendants in the upcoming Broadway revival of Boeing-Boeing,
I href="/blog/ace/sarah-jessica-parker-boeing-boeing">speculated
that href="/taxonomy/term/517">Piper
, who’s also known in certain circles for her lesbian and
bisexual roles, might play the third.  

Now, I was just picking her name out of the air because I
associate her with lesbian/bi roles. But it turns out she was not such a bad
pick because she will, in fact, be on the New York stage in just a few months
time! (Thanks, BQ, for that

Perabo will not be joining Gina Gershon and Mary
on Broadway, but she will be starring in the Neil Labute’s href="http://www.playbill.com/news/article/115660.html" target="_blank">reasons to be pretty
at the Lucille Lortel Theatre. The show is set to open June 2 and run until
July 15. 

The show is described as follows: "Greg’s tight-knit social circle is thrown into turmoil when
his offhanded remarks about a female coworker’s pretty face (and his
girlfriend’s lack thereof) get back to said girlfriend." 

I’m guessing that Perabo is going to play the pretty
co-worker. Because she’s pretty. The other actress is cast is Allison Pill, who’s not
exactly ugly. (She does however, look about 14, even though she’s 23.)

When I searched for a picture of Pill to see who she was, I
realized that she looked very familiar, and I was associating her with
something lesbian. Then I got it! She played the daughter of a lesbian in one
of my favorite Lifetime (Television for Women) movies, href="http://imdb.com/title/tt0329679/" target="_blank">An Unexpected Love. Leslie
(24) played her suburban mother who came out when she fell in
love with Wendy Crewson, who played the mother of a lesbian in Better
Than Chocolate
. (It’s such a lesbian-interconnected world.) Pill also
co-starred with Mariska Hargitay in another Lifetime movie, href="http://imdb.com/title/tt0420075/" target="_blank">The Plain Truth.  

I’ve never seen a LaBute play, but a theater critic
acquaintance of mine loved LaBute’s The Shape of Things and Fat Pig,
both of which dealt with similar themes. (However, he href="http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117936103.html?categoryid=33&cs=1" target="_blank">hated
LaBute’s recent L.A. production of Some Girls.) So, I have no idea how
good this will be. But seeing Piper Perabo onstage seems like it could be fun. 

If you’re interested, more information is available at the href="http://www.mcctheater.com/20072008SeasonIndex.htm" target="_blank">MCC theater website.

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