Piper Perabo explores “reasons to be pretty”


Earlier this week, after noting that two actresses
reasonably well-known for playing lesbian and bisexual characters would be
playing two of the three flight attendants in the upcoming Broadway revival of Boeing-Boeing,
I speculated
that Piper
, who’s also known in certain circles for her lesbian and
bisexual roles, might play the third.  

Now, I was just picking her name out of the air because I
associate her with lesbian/bi roles. But it turns out she was not such a bad
pick because she will, in fact, be on the New York stage in just a few months
time! (Thanks, BQ, for that

Perabo will not be joining Gina Gershon and Mary
on Broadway, but she will be starring in the Neil Labute’s reasons to be pretty
at the Lucille Lortel Theatre. The show is set to open June 2 and run until
July 15. 

The show is described as follows: "Greg’s tight-knit social circle is thrown into turmoil when
his offhanded remarks about a female coworker’s pretty face (and his
girlfriend’s lack thereof) get back to said girlfriend." 

I’m guessing that Perabo is going to play the pretty
co-worker. Because she’s pretty. The other actress is cast is Allison Pill, who’s not
exactly ugly. (She does however, look about 14, even though she’s 23.)

When I searched for a picture of Pill to see who she was, I
realized that she looked very familiar, and I was associating her with
something lesbian. Then I got it! She played the daughter of a lesbian in one
of my favorite Lifetime (Television for Women) movies, An Unexpected Love. Leslie
(24) played her suburban mother who came out when she fell in
love with Wendy Crewson, who played the mother of a lesbian in Better
Than Chocolate
. (It’s such a lesbian-interconnected world.) Pill also
co-starred with Mariska Hargitay in another Lifetime movie, The Plain Truth.  

I’ve never seen a LaBute play, but a theater critic
acquaintance of mine loved LaBute’s The Shape of Things and Fat Pig,
both of which dealt with similar themes. (However, he hated
LaBute’s recent L.A. production of Some Girls.) So, I have no idea how
good this will be. But seeing Piper Perabo onstage seems like it could be fun. 

If you’re interested, more information is available at the MCC theater website.

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