Missy Elliott shakes her pom-pom in 3-D


I’ve already confessed my love for dance movies, as well
as the primary reason why I love them. It’s the choreographed dance
sequences. Ya dig? Well, surprise, surprise: I also enjoy videos
featuring women doing their damn thing. Missy Elliott has
been doing her damn thing for over 10 years, and her videos are almost
always unique in one way or another.

Her latest is in 3-D. Girls? Bounce? Missy style? All
that in 3-D? My, my, my. Two songs are given the 3-D treatment:
“Ching-a-Ling” and “Shake Your Pom-Pom.”

Take a look — here’s the video, first in 2-D and then in 3-D for those of you who have a pair of specs handy.

I actually did watch the video
with 3-D glasses. Don’t ask why I have a pair; it’s really not very interesting.
OK, fine: It was a Shrek DVD giveaway. Anyway, watching the 3-D video without
glasses not only makes the whole thing look blurry, but it also makes
it tough to appreciate all that is popping on and off that screen. The
dance moves, people! I’m talking about the dance moves. Jeez.

When I
was in high school, I didn’t see any pom-poms quite like those featured
in the second song. But that’s probably because I was paying attention to the rigors
of my studies and to student council and the prom and doing charity
work for the general betterment of society. Heh.

I’m not that crazy
for either song as a standalone song, but whenever Missy inserts herself
into the choreographed pieces on the videos, I can’t help but
love it. There are plenty of videos
out there with tight beats and nice dancers and, uh, pom-poms galore!
But Missy’s videos work because she has never been one to go
for glamour over effective style. She throws herself in there and goes
along for the ride. She’s always part of the show, not above it. She’s
not simply the front man/person/woman — she’s a part of the
spectacle. Plus, I love how the woman rhymes, especially on the offbeats. Her cadence is just so Missy Elliott.

By the way, Missy’s Ching-a-Ling

is a featured song on the soundtrack of Step Up 2 the Streets.
The film debuts February 14. Wait. What? Another dance movie? Yay!

Missy has had a long line
of video
, but
my personal favorite is “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly).” The video put
Missy on the map, and now the girl is global. It’s hard to believe
that it’s been 11 years, but the video is still Supa Dupa.

Last night, Elliott was up for a Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, but Rihanna and Jay-Z took home the trophy. Elliott has already won five Grammys and has been nominated 12 times, and many of those nods have been for her collaborative efforts. Artists flock to her because they know she can
get them airplay with her style. Goodness, how much creativity
does this one woman have? Well, enough to give away
hit songs to others and still continue on her own solo path. Pretty

Elliott has a new studio
album due out in May, but she seems to be having a hard time naming it.
She’s asking for the public’s help to name the new CD. Maybe she’s
too worn out from Ching-a-Linging to come up with a name herself.
But I have a sneaking suspicion that she doesn’t really need help at all — she just
wants her fans to have a chance to collaborate with her. That’s so Missy

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