KT Tunstall walks like an Egyptian


How about a little reader participation?
First, slide your feet up the street. Now bend your back. Next, shift
your arm. Then you pull it back. That’s right, my friend, you’re walking like an Egyptian. And you know who else is right there with
you? KT Tunstall.

The British songstress has
covered the Bangles’ “Walk Like an Egyptian” for Yahoo! Music’s
Cover Art
(you may remember Mandy Moore’s impassioned take on “Umbrella” for the series last summer). Let’s
give KT’s take a listen, complete with kick-ass whistle solo.

KT’s reason for picking the
’80s smash couldn’t be cooler: “That song made me think it was probably
cooler to be a girl than a boy because the Bangles were so cool.”
Amen to that.

In fact, let’s give the original
a spin, just for old time’s sake.

While you really can’t beat
the jangly joy of the Bangles version, KT acquits herself well with
her upbeat, strummy rendition. She even seems to have worked on her
Susanna Hoffs
doe-eye impression.

Now, I loved the Bangles. Heck,
I still do. They were — how should I put this? — awesome. And I’m
not just talking about their mastery of Aqua Net. At a time when you
were more likely to see a woman on MTV doing cartwheels on Jaguars than
playing her own instrument, the Bangles were rocking out. They
still are. Man, what is it about girls with guitars?

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