Alanis Morissette’s “Flavors of Entanglement”


Here’s a little fact: At this moment,
I own four movies. That’s it. When shipping household items
for a move overseas costs roughly, as I recall, $20,000 a kilo, shoes
take precedence over entertainment. I did slip a few movies I’d
miss into my airplane carry-on, though, and happily pulled them down
on my head from the overhead compartment with every plane change.
One of the few to make it was Dogma. I would sit through
an entire movie starring Ben Affleck to catch a glimpse of only one
woman: Alanis Morissette.

And here’s some excellent news for
those of you who feel the same way. Morissette’s new album, Flavors
of Entanglement
, is due to be released this spring. It’s generating buzz for the quality of the lyrics and for
her songwriting — of course. I mean, not for nothing did she earn a lifetime

award at age 33. (Speaking of achievement, if you haven’t seen
her take on “My Humps,” go watch it. Like, now. You won’t
be sorry.)

I have high hopes for the new
album. Maybe it was my angsty impressionable teenage years, but
none of her subsequent albums have held the attraction for me of
Jagged Little Pill
. But so far, I like what I’ve heard about the
new album. Take the video for “Underneath,” one of
the singles. I found it sort of moving.

As always, Morissette manages
to communicate her understanding of human emotions through simple and
beautiful imagery, and her vocals are smooth yet strong as ever.
And an umbrella underwater? That’s just neat.

For those of you in a lucky few cities,
she’s touring at the end of this month. Catch the schedule
on her
(Why doesn’t it surprise me that the opening page of her website quotes
Anaïs Nin? Just when I thought I couldn’t love her more.)

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