Anna Rawson gets LPGA card – that’s good news for Shore


At the risk of losing major
lesbo points, I have to admit that any interest I have in women’s golf has little to do with the sport

And news that Anna Rawson has qualified for the LPGA tour
certainly will not help redirect my attention.

The Aussie ended the LPGA
qualifying tourney as first on the conditional status list, meaning
she gets to play a tournament if a higher-ranking golfer opts out —
or if a tournament sponsor invites her to play. Which, no doubt, many
will. Especially if she wears these shorts.

Personal shallowness aside,
I must take issue with this part of the press release announcing her qualification:

“After winning the National
Dolly Magazine Cover Girl Contest, Anna began her modeling career, making
her a rarity in sports, with an impactful mix of femininity, raw athletic
talent, and intelligence.”

I beg your pardon? The combination
of femininity, athletic talent and intelligence is a rarity in sports?
Don’t tell Natalie

Or Paula

Or Cristie

Or Carin

Or Grace
(no relation to Boomer).

Those are just a few of the
femme, athletic, talented, smart women in sports – and we haven’t
even left the LPGA. Sports of all kind are teeming
with such women. (And before you deduct any feminism points, I should
add that I am not equating femininity with attractiveness — I’d
take Mauresmo over Sharapova any day of the week.)

In any case, Rawson gives
me one more reason to save my pennies for Dinah Shore weekend. As if I needed it.

Photo by Kat Fitzgerald

What do you think of the
LPGA lineup? Are cover girls good for the game, or do they detract from
the pure sport of golf? And whose swing would you most like to share?

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