Solange Knowles sings again


Once upon a time, in a land
not so far away, Beyoncé‘s little sister, Solange Knowles,
released a debut album on the same label as her sister.

Solo Star was moderately
successful, but didn’t exactly pave a road to stardom. So, Solange got
married, had a son and wrote songs for women like Destiny’s Child,
Michelle Williams
, Kelly Rowland — and Beyoncé.

She did not, however, live
happily ever after.

Now, Solange has divorced her
husband, signed with Geffen
and moved
to Los Angeles to record her next album, due in spring 2008, entitled
either Hadley Street Dreams or Just What I Want, depending
on which article you read. What is not in question
is that the recording will sound nothing like big sis.

Ron Fair, chairman of
Geffen, says, "Her record is totally bananas. It’s not what people
would expect from her. The music is more eclectic and international.
She’s in her own lane." That’s good, right?

Here’s what Solange has to say about the project.

"I am now almost finishing
up my sophomore album which has been such a beautiful journey. I’ve
had the oppurtunity [sic] to have creative control and really experiment
with different sounds and genres I have grown to love and respect over
the year[sic]. I’ve been able to write about my dreams both broken and
aspiring to come through…and learning and maturing through out [sic]
that process. I’ve been able to work with some wonderful prooducers
[sic] and artists and I’m still in the works to work with more… I’ve
fused downbeat electronica with 70s soul and the outcome has been thrilling."

Um, OK. Actually, she goes
on to say more, but I can’t bring myself to read it.

That Grape Juice has links to two tracks from the album
online. In keeping with the spirit of the season, I’ll just say this:
it sounds nothing like big sis.

Solange has also been busy
promoting Baby
, "the
first ever hip-hop/rhythm-inspired toy line for babies, toddlers and
preschoolers," owned by her dad, Matthew Knowles.

Let’s hope that if Baby Jamz starts a clothing line, the company stays
miles away from the Knowles sisters’ stylists.

Are you a Solange fan? Do you
think she’ll be overshadowed by her sis, no matter what she does? And
what do you think about the two tracks — am I just totally becoming
a music fuddy-duddy?

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