“Star Wars” + trumpet = Friday fun


When I was a kid, I enjoyed watching beauty pageants. And as an adult, I’ve been somewhat ashamed of that fact: What was I thinking? How could I enjoy such blatant sexism and such brainless displays of, um, brainlessness?

But thanks to this video, I think I can finally accept my inner child and give her a big-haired Miss Montana–esque hug. Yes, thanks to this video (via Best Week Ever), I have realized that it was really all about my budding appreciation for comedy. And schadenfreude.

Here’s Stacy Hedger, a contestant showing her stuff in the talent portion of a state beauty pageant. The details are fuzzy, but it appears to be from a Nebraska pageant (she was “Miss Douglas County”).

(the video is after the cut)



I can’t type very well because my ears are bleeding all over the keyboard. But I will say this much: I wonder whether Gonzo knows that someone stole his act?


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