’80s ladies videopalooza


As you are all aware, my satellite dish is dead. Many of you have been kind enough to offer suggestions on how to pass the time and deal with the withdrawal symptoms. For that I am grateful.

One such suggestion led me to my closet and the collection of old junior high and high school memorabilia kept in old Adidas boxes. I thought it might be fun to reminisce about a time when I was still convinced boys were worth dating but couldn’t figure out why I got butterflies in my belly when I talked to some of my female friends. It was a time of parachute pants and big hair. Yes, ladies, I’m talking about the 1980s.

Going through my pile of ’80s junk could only be complete with some tunes to help me through the process. Naturally, I picked some of my favorite ladies. Some of these women are still selling records and concert tickets; some can’t escape their one-hit-wonder status. But they all brought a smile to my face while I sifted through memories in my basement. So I couldn’t help but send a little ’80s nostalgia your way. Here are the rockin’ women who have helped me stave off my TV withdrawal for yet another day.

Cyndi Lauper — I’m a girl. I just wanna have fun! No matter how many hair color transformations she goes through, to me she will always be that girl dancing through her house, happily rebelling against all things parental. You’ve gotta love the fact that Cyndi’s definition of fun includes cool shades and conga lines through town.



Bananarama — What could be better than women in overalls working on cars? OK, they could lose the ’80s hair, but really. I think my love for this video should have been a clue to my sexual identity. It is just one of many clues I seem to have missed in my younger days.



The Bangles — Big hair, mini dresses, and a full-body leotard — these are the things I remember of the Bangles. That and the fact that I wandered around for weeks looking like an idiot trying to walk like some ancient dead Pharaoh. Something tells me ancient Egyptians didn’t walk any differently than we do.



Sheila E — Widely recognized as one of the best female percussionists around, Sheila E has lived a glamorous life bouncing around with everyone from Prince to Stevie Wonder. Best line of the song? “Boys with small talk and small minds really don’t impress me in bed.” I feel the same way, oddly enough.



Toni Basil — The quintessential one-hit wonder lives on. In my world, Mickey was always a girl. Again with the clues I should clearly have paid more attention to.



Of course, now it is no longer this video that comes to mind whenever I hear the song. Instead, visions of Eliza Dushku and Gabrielle Union dance in my head.



So where are these ’80s ladies now? Funny you should ask. There’s a nice little photo spread over here that will help clue you in on this bunch and many more. Check it out, then come back and tell me who your favorite ’80s ladies are.

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