TV alert: Ann Wilson reigns over VH1 Classic on Sunday


I’ve been singing Ann Wilson‘s praises for about 25 years now. It usually goes something like this:

Other person: Wow, this music is awesome. Who is it?

Me: Heart.

Other person: Who?

Me: Heart. 1970s superstars featuring sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson on vocals and guitar. You know, Heart.

Other person: Ann and … Nancy Wilson? The ’60s blues and cabaret singer?

Me: No. The other Nancy Wilson. Heart!!

Other person: Huh. Never heard of ’em.

Me: Get out. Take your stupid Hungry Hungry Hippos game and your giant box of Kix and just go.

Uh, I think I just conflated that with an incident with a neighbor kid when I was seven. Anyway. The point is, Ann has been getting some attention lately — finally.

Heart recently stole the show at the VH1 Rock Honors, and on Sunday, Sept. 9, Ann will host VH1 Classic‘s afternoon programming. At 3:00 p.m. ET, the Rock Honors show will be rebroadcast. At 5:00, Ann previews her new album Hope & Glory on Inside Track. And at 5:30, she counts down Women Who Rock — including herself, if VH1 Classic doesn’t want me to kick it out. (Yessss! Inadvertent Heart song reference!)

Ann’s new solo album, which comes out Sept. 11, is an eclectic collection of tunes. Wilson notes, “Each of these songs holds a special place in my soul … such songs as these carry me through my life.”

Ann Wilson Store

Hope & Glory includes duets with k.d. lang and Elton John and features an awesome version of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” (visit Ann’s MySpace page for a preview). The woman’s voice just gets better and better. And I’ll keep singing her praises for as many decades as I have to.

Here’s some vintage Heart, if you still don’t know why you should care. “Crazy on You” highlights Nancy’s amazing fingers as well as Ann’s killer voice:


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