Gina Gershon rocks, or at least tries to


I kind of enjoyed Prey for Rock and Roll. Come on, admit it: You did too. A little bit, right? Especially when Gina Gershon was acting really gay. It’s hard not to enjoy that just a tad.

In one of those ill-considered instances of life-imitating-pseudo-art, yesterday Gershon released an album called In Search of Cleo. The NewNowNext blog has the scoop.

I don’t know about this. She seems like a rock star, but she just isn’t. Something’s missing. And the “Cleo” of the album title is her cat, which is not a rock-star-ish move at all. Neither is the fact that the CD is, and I quote, “beautifullly packaged in a digipak design that has a 12 page booklet with both lyrics handwritten and original illustrations by Gina.” You can even pay extra for an autographed copy. Do I detect a hint of desperation, or is it just amateurism? The whole thing — especially the cover photo — seems like it’s right out of a Christopher Guest mockumentary.

In Search of Cleo was released yesterday (on iTunes, eMusic and the usual other places), and so far the buzz is not exactly positive. I hate to say it, Gina, but looking good in headbanger accoutrements doesn’t mean you can actually rock.

Here’s the video for “Watch Over Me,” in which Gershon sort of sounds like a drunken, congested Chrissie Hynde:


Any takers — think you’ll download the album? Or is Gershon’s dykon status (and rock star potential, such as it is) fading fast?

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