Hot or Not? See Scarlett sing


So we all know Scarlett Johansson is hot. Oh, right, and she can also act. But the more pressing question right now is, can Scarlett sing? The starlet is set to release her first album, and if reports are true, at the very least we’re in for something intriguing.

Now, anytime I hear that an established actress wants to sing or that a famous singer wants to act, I get a little skeptical. Not that it can’t happen. But for every Julie Andrews and Barbra Streisand, there are at least a dozen Eddie “My Girl Wants to Party All the Time” Murphys and Don “Heartbeat” Johnsons. Still, the more I hear about ScarJo’s upcoming album, the more I think it might not be just another cringe-worthy vanity project.

First came word that it would be an entire album of Tom Waits covers. Yes, that Tom Waits. The two-time Grammy-winning singer-songwriter who is part street busker, part plaintive poet, part vaudeville showman and all gravely growl. Color me impressed.

Then came news that Scarlett was cementing her indie street cred by collaborating with members of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Celebration, along with producer David Sitek of TV on the Radio. Scarlett apparently spent 33 days recording her debut in Maurice, La. Studio owner Steve Nails is already predicting multi-platinum sales and Grammy wins. Whoa there, buddy: Way to lower expectations. He also said her sound was “very avant garde. She sounds like Marilyn Monroe.” Hmmm; sure he didn’t mean to say she looks like Marilyn Monroe?

Of course, Scarlett has dabbled in music before. Earlier this year at Coachella, she sang with the Jesus and Mary Chain (well, if you consider repeating “Honey” over and over again singing). And she has memorably appeared in other artists’ music videos, including “When the Deal Goes Down” for Bob Dylan and “What Goes Around …” for Justin Timberlake. And then there is the little business of the song she recorded for the celebrity compilation Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars. Her breathy rendition of “Summertime” (set here to images from the Dylan video) is — well — kinda hot.


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