Five Lesbian Items You Can Buy from Etsy


If you’re looking for something unique, Etsy will never disappoint. Items ranging from homemade works of art to the downright weird all find their home on this online marketplace. More and more shops are catering to the LGBT community, so I decided to peruse and share some gems that caught my eye.


Lesbian Last Supper by lundbergbl

This one made me lose it. My favorite part of this work of beauty is that Ellen is depicted in the swan dress she wore to the Emmys to mock Bjork. Also the look on Rachel Maddow’s face is pure gold. Like all great art, this piece evokes so many questions. How does one get the idea to create this? Was it divine intervention? What wall will I be putting this on in my apartment?


Let’s Scissor Greeting Card by TwoPenguinsCards

I am personally not much of a card person. It is torturous to me to receive a wordy greeting card from someone. Pretending to read the whole thing and then bringing forth fake emotion can be very tiring. But if I received this card, I would love it. It is how all cards should be—direct.


Dirty Dancing Lesbian Movie Poster by PeanutoakPrint

Nobody puts baby in the corner. Classic. This poster is pure genius and I would proudly display it in my home. It makes me wish someone would remake the movie with lesbians as the lead roles. Maybe I should look into a Kickstarter campaign.


No One Knows I’m A Lesbian Shirt by VoltNein

Oh, the hilarity! Do you get it? Eh? You see by wearing the shirt everyone now knows you’re a lesbian while the shirt is reporting the contrary. Oh, you didn’t need my explanation? Well, no need to be rude about it.


Custom Wedding Cake Toppers by dandelionland

As we all know not every wedding vendor is willing to work with same sex couples. Fortunately Etsy has numerous inclusive shops with beautiful custom work. I personally patronized this shop for my own reception and had these custom cake toppers created. My wife requested that her’s be painted with a cleavage line. We are classy.

What’s the coolest lesbian item you’ve gotten from Etsy?

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