Are You the Next Big Thing?’s Independent/Unsigned Artist Spotlight


AfterEllen is looking to feature talented, unsigned and independent lesbian/bi/trans solo musicians and bands in a weekly column. As an independent artist myself, I know how challenging it can be build and maintain a fan base without label or management support. Too many talented musicians hang up their instruments too soon. Sometimes it takes is a larger platform to get the word out, and hopefully help garner you or your band more fans. There are a few requirements for submission:

You must have:

…a Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr page or website. Some way fans can reach and follow you.

…a way to feature your music like Youtube, or MP3s on an audio distribution platform like Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

…nice looking promo pics. (No iPhone selfies)

…gigs booked within the next six months within your area

These requirements are vital to the success and promotion of your music. They also, for the most part, cost nothing.

I will do write-ups on the musicians featured, along with links and ways for your new fans to find you. If you know of any musicians that you want to suggest, do that too. I will do my absolute best to feature as many artists as I can. I look forward to listening to your submissions.

Send your submissions to

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