Watch Now! Heather Peace’s “Fight For”


Actress/musician Heather Peace has released the new video for her single “Fight For,” which is a new remix of the song fans will recognize from her album Fairytales. The video stars some famous faces including Scottish TV presenter Lorraine Kelly, British newscaster Alice Arnold, actress Zoe Lucker and Lip Service‘s Roxanne McKee among others who hold signs showing what they fight for.

“I love that songs can mean lots of different things to different people and I wanted to embrace that in the video,” Heather said. “I asked my fans and my friends to send me one word or a sentence that outlined the things they think are worth fighting for today. We got a huge response back of really mixed ideas; from the window seat on an airplane, to ending animal cruelty, to three day working weeks. A lot of people would fight for cheese.”


You can purchase the song itself on March 11 on iTunes or Amazon.

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