And the February Book Club Selection Is…


This month we’ll be reading Calling Dr. Laura by Nicole Georges.

The newly released graphic novel has been praised by Rachel Maddow, Beth Ditto, Alison Bechdel and Michelle Tea so if you enjoy it, you’ll be in great company. Calling Dr. Laura is an autobiographical journey through Nicole’s trying to find her father, come out to her mother and figure out her romantic life. The name comes from Nicole’s obsession with listening to the Dr. Laura Schlessinger radio show, which she once called in to, asking for advice.

Because it’s a graphic novel, it’s best to purchase a hard copy — specifically from your local LGBT or feminist bookstore. If that is not an option, try Amazon or your local Barnes and Noble.

Nicole has graciously accepted the challenge of answering our questions about the book at the end of the month, so as you read along and have any for her, please leave them in the comments so I can ask her in time for our final discussion.

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