Shag, Marry, or Dump: Pretty Little Lesbians 2012


Merciful Mona in heaven above, 2013 is finally knocking at the front door, and you know what that means: Pretty Little Liars is (finally!) (almost!) back in our arms again. Season 3B kicks off next Tuesday (January 8th!). We’ve Shag, Marry, Dump-ed with actors of Rosewood before, but in honor of season 3B, I thought we’d shake it up a little and put the lesbian characters of PLL to the test. Assuming they were all: a) of age, and b) alive, who would you choose between Maya St. Germain, Emily Fields, and Paige McCullers?

Last week’s Gossip Girl winners:

Shag: Blake Lively
Marry: Leighton Meester
Dump: Kristen Bell

Tell us who you’re voting for this week in the comments!

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