Shag, Marry, or Dump: The gals of “Gossip Girl”


After six crazytown bananapants seasons, the Gossip Girl series finale will air tonight on the The CW. What a long, strange, rich, white, entitled, subtextual trip it has been. We never did get that Serena/Blair makeout like the one from the books. Ah, well. Before we bid adieu to the ladies of the Upper East Side, let us objectify them one last time in a Shag, Marry, or Dump poll. Who do you choose between Blake Lively, Kristen Bell and Leighton Meester?

Last week’s Dexter winners:

Shag: Yvonne Strahovski

Marry: Jennifer Carpenter

Dump: Lauren Vélez

Tell us who you’re voting for this week in the comments!

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