A Museum of Our Own


Touch up your old picket signs and laminate your big gay wedding invitations – a campaign to build a national LGBT museum is on the way.

As anyone who’s family knows, the LGBT community is woven throughout our country’s history – and through any country’s history – even if most textbooks and museums gloss over that fact. Now the non-profit Velvet Foundation is working towards helping our LGBT past get out and proud with a look at queer history in the United States.

Photo courtesy of the National LGBT Museum website

So far it’s early stages yet, but the website looks promising. All too often in the media, “LGBT” gets shortcutted to “gay,” and that translates into images of (mostly white) gay men; the National LGBT Museum site carefully features different genders and faces and promises a multicultural approach to our shared history.

In addition to being eye-poppingly cool (natch), the website has plans for the museum’s layout, a list of ways you can help the cause, and even handy tips for preserving your own memorabilia. And, of course, you can sign up to volunteer if you’re in the Washington, D.C. area or to donate if you’re not. (You may even be able to donate your own museum-worthy bit of LGBT history if you’re so inclined.)

Get your sensible-yet-chic museum-prowling shoes buffed up and keep your eyes peeled for the opening.

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