And the November Book Club selection is…


Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey!

You can purchase a paperback copy, currently at a bargain price of $5.60! at Amazon, or a Kindle edition for $9.99. As always, if you’re looking to fight The Man and not use Amazon, I encourage Powell’s or best of all, your local library or bookstore!

Some of you mentioned in the comments on the last Book Club post that procuring these titles can sometimes be difficult for folks who don’t live in North America, and that sometimes even Kindle editions aren’t available internationally. While this latter fact really doesn’t make any sense to me (what up, publishers?), I really want to make this book club as universally enjoyable as possible, so please keep passing your concerns on to me. I will post the options for the next book club selection closer to the middle of the month from now on, instead of at the end of the month, to allow more time for book shipping and delivery. But if even that doesn’t help you secure a copy in time, I sincerely apologize, and encourage you to contact me to see if I can send you a book myself. Yes, I’m that serious about people being able to read what they want!

Once again, you can follow the book club throughout the month on Tumblr, and also join our Goodreads group for some really great discussions as you read. For those of you who have already read Santa Olivia, or who simply want to read one of the other two selections, I will also create discussion threads for The Left Hand of Darkness and Adaptation on the Goodreads group, as they are equally worthy of discourse!

I’ll post the official Santa Olivia discussion post here on on Monday, November 26, and will post the next selection options for December by November 19 at the latest. Thanks again for your enthusiasm for the book club, and enjoy your journey into the future world of Loup Garron. I know I’m looking forward to it.

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