“Tales of Discord” promises another lesbian superhero


If you’ve been reading my reviews at AfterEllen.com — or looking around at the ten million action figures and framed prints in my bedroom and office — you know I’m an enormous DC Comics fan. Wonder Woman. Batgirl. Catwoman. Harley Quinn. Poison Ivy. And, of course, Batwoman. The first mainstream lesbian superhero with a solo title. A GLAAD award-winning solo title. There is no way to overstate her positive effect on the gay (and straight fanboy!) community. But even though I’ve been loving those DC (and Marvel, too!) ladies since I was a little girl, I’ve found that in my adult life, the comics that really move me are usually self-published.

So I was so psyched when Trish Bendix sent me a link to a Huffington Post article about a potential new lesbian superhero by the legendary Paul J. Salamoff. Salamoff is working on a set of five single-issue prequel comics to his award-winning Discord. Check out his Kickstarter pitch here:

One of the origin stories he’s going to explore is Iridian, an out-and-proud lesbian who joins Team Warhammer. Think of it as a gay Black Widow joining The Avengers, or a gay Wonder Woman joining The Justice League — but without the restrictions of DC and Marvel’s editorial teams! That, alone, is enough to make me want to check out the title. But if you still need some convincing, have a look at these gorgeous pages from Iridian’s issue.

It’s like Superman and Lois Lane! But with lesbians!

Sweet, right? For more information on Tales of Discord, check out Salamoff’s Kickstarter page. What do you think of Iridian?

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