Kate Kane learns an important lesbian lesson in “Batwoman #10”


Caution: Giant spoilers for Batwoman #10 below!

When last we left our intrepid lesbian heroine, she had accidentally danced her way into a love triangle with new potential sidekick Sune and beloved detective Maggie Sawyer. She had also danced her way right into Medusa’s lair to oversee a fisticuffs between Sune and her brother. Batwoman #10 picks up right where the last issue left off, with some full-on gay lady snogging.

Well, then.

Of course, this is Gotham City, so Sune follows up her kiss by stabbing her crime boss brother right in the heart.

From there, J.H. Williams and W. Haden Blackman toss us into a time machine and embark on another issue of “To Drown the World.” I’ve got to be honest: There was something innovative about this nonlinear, six-angled storytelling idea when they first introduced it, but it’s become a bugger to wrap my brain around the longer it has gone on. It might be the kind of thing that’s engaging and perfectly sensible when it’s collected in a trade paperback, but it’s not really working for me in single issues. The art is still the best in the business, though, and Trevor McCarthy‘s crisp lines and stylized paneling are a perfect fit with Williams.

One of the things that has been driving me nutso bananas about this arc is that I feel like I’m missing the motivation behind all of the characters because we’re only visiting each of them in two or three pages per issue. But this time, we got two big character backstory whammies when: 1) Maggie Sawyer revealed that she has a daughter, and that’s what’s driving her in this Weeping Woman case. And 2) Col. Kane accidentally loved Alice more than he did her twin sister Kate (which worked out OK, I guess, since the most-loved became a supervillain and the least-loved became a superhero). But boy, do those two have a truckload of guilt issues to work through.

The biggest reveal came on the final page when Sune … morphed bodies and souls with her dead brother. I think? It’s a little bit confusing. But either way, Batwoman learned the important lesbian lesson that sometimes you don’t know a girl is a sociopathic lunatic until you make out with her.

What did you think of Batwoman #10?

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