Shag, Marry, or Dump: The “Pretty Little Liars” Dark Side


We’re two weeks away from the third season premiere of Pretty Little Liars and, friends, I’ve got to be honest with you: The pull from The Dark Side, it is strong. Something happened to me during last season’s finale. Maybe it was JennaBot’s eyeballs. Maybe it was Mona Vanderwaal’s wicked grin. Whatever the reason, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion I’m going to join Team A like some kind of Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader transition before it’s all said and done. So, let me just drag you into the shadows alongside me — who would you Shag, Marry, and Dump between Janel Parrish, Tammin Sursok, and Torrey DeVitto?


Last week’s Hot 100 Redux winners:

Shag: Naya Rivera
Marry: Naya Rivera
Dump: Olivia Wilde and Portia de Rossi

God, you guys, show a little love to Naya. She’s going to feel left out if you keep ignoring her like this. (Ha! Hahaha!)

Tell us who you’re voting for this week in the comments.

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