New Music Tuesday: Bonnie Raitt, Lissy Trullie and more


Hey folks! I hope you all don’t think any less of me now that I am

vlogging. It turns out, talking to yourself is very difficult – so I

give the crazy people around my neighborhood a lot of credit for making

it look so easy! This week brings with it a lot of great music from

many different genres, so let’s get to it.

Lissy TrullieLissy Trullie (Whichita


I have to admit, it was a bit jarring for me to try to review this

album after being so obsessed with its first single, “It’s Only You,

Isn’t It.” Where the single is like a hot bass lick to the face, most

of the album’s 11 songs are much more toned down both instrumentally

and in terms of Trullie’s

vocal growl. I had built up an anticipation in my mind that did not

reflect the finished product and was a bit let down at first. Now, my

fourth time through, I’m finding new songs of which to be enamoured. “X Red”

has the punk rock bass complete with hand claps and rebel girl swag

that I need to put a smile on my face. “Caring” is one of my favorite

songs on the album and, oddly enough, one of the more tender songs on

the album. I think it’s because it has a hint of one of my favorite

Britpop bands, Pulp.

I think

this is going to be one of those albums that has a song for every mood.

Just as we finish “Caring,” we go into the slow, deep and dark depths

of “Madeleine,” a song that would make a great theme for Robert Smith‘s Emo Prom Night (in

the best of ways). Stream her album in its entirety over at Spinner.

Also, that picture: me-ow.

Bonnie RaittSlipstream (Redwing Records)

I have been lucky enough to see Bonnie Raitt

perform live and, if you’re looking for a legend, she is the real deal,

my friends. That woman can give even the happiest of guitars the blues. Ms. Raitt also has one of those unique voices that is

unmistakably hers, combining a bit of folk, blues and rock into a

fantastic vocal dance. For you young’uns out there reading this who

haven’t heard this woman sing, this album is a great intro and will

also leave long-term fans with happy ears.

ZambriHouse of Baasa (Kanine


Apparently I’ve been really digging whatever reaches into the

darkness of my soul and my Lydia Deets

freak flag wants to be flown in its own Pride Parade. If the idea of Siouxsie and the Banshees being

remixed by Zola Jesus or Planningtorock is appealing to you,

then like me, you will be thrilled. I’ve found, more than anything,

that because these songs are complex in their layered sounds — they are

best listened to with headphones that allow you to pick out each piece

of the puzzle — it’s easy to miss

how well they are put together when broadcast into the air. But as a whole, wow, are they tight.

Stream the album over at Spinner and check out “Hundred Hearts” below,

which opens with what I’d like to think is a special wink to Asia’s “Take My Breath Away.”

The Right

— >— Gets Over You (The Right Now Music)

Holy crap does singer Stefanie

have soul. This is less poppy than a lot of the Top 40

soul albums released over the past few years and maybe a bit more

traditional or jazzy. Nevermind what I said about my dark mood,

apparently I’m all over the map. From the irresistably great opener, “I

Can’t Speak For You,” to the album’s great closing song, “‘Til It Went

Wrong,” Gets Over You is a

solid release that is easy to enjoy.

MonicaNew Life (RCA Records)

Back in the day, I had the biggest crush on Monica.

Well, she’s still got it going on and to be honest, I feel like she

hasn’t gotten as much of the exposure as she’s deserved over the years.

It’s not that New Life is blowing my mind exactly, but it is

consistently good, which is a lot more than I can say for some of the

more over-hyped artists we’ve been spoon-fed over the years. So far,

standout tracks include “Take A Chance” and both “Cry” and “Time To

Move On” — which would make great songs for either a choreographed

routine on So You Think You Can Dance, or a sex scene in Tyler

next movie about a man who is just trying to make

things work for his family while Madea

is still in jail. Those last two are fantastically cinematic and

sensual — a word I hate using unless it’s as appropriate as it is right



Mama (Partisan Records)

Emily Wells‘ voice

will creep up on you like an odd breeze in a closed room that tickles

your neck and gives you the distinct feeling someone else is in the

room with you. It’s not a bad feeling, but one that sets an obvious

tone and keeps you on the edge of your seat.


is a difficult artist to categorize, which isn’t a bad thing, unless

you’re a writer trying to paint a picture for your readers. So, I will

say, she’s a bit trip-hop, a bit spook-folk and would be a great

soundtrack to any novel written by Kelly Link, who

happens to be one of my favorite authors.

Dead SaraDead Sara (Pocket Kid Records)

The debut album from these young rockers exceeds expectations and a lot

of that, in my belief, rides on the powerhouse vocals of

singer Emily Armstrong.

Just as I say that, I want to take it back because the band’s sound as

a whole is really enjoyable and the song structures are crafted well

enough for someone normally disinterested in music as heavy as this to

be able to enjoy it.

Honorable Mentions: Dinosaur Feathers,

M. Ward, Pelican, Young Hines, Devin, Trampled by Turtles,

Morgan Page, Datsik, The

Black Seeds, Elliot Yamin
, Amadou & Mariam,

Newsies (Original Broadway Recording), Bassnectar, Counting

, Neal Casal.

In case you missed it, Florence + The

gave an incredible MTV

performance which is now available to purchase – but

you can also stream the entire show right here.

Also be sure to check out the new video from Kat Devlin, the first official

single from her REM Cycle EP.

We’ve also got a video from a new lesbian rock band on the scene, The Criminal Sisters. Here’s their

video for “Bad Morning.”

That’s all for this week’s new music recommendations! Tomorrow, I’ll be

bringing back my Weekly Women to Listen to column so be sure to check

back in! As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter,

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