More “Glee” Photos Released!


The photos on this page from Glee‘s September 21st season opener, "Audition"

According to the FOX-provided caption" "The Glee kids watch Sunshine perform."
We’ve no idea what "Sunshine" is – possibly an "Up With People" type act – only edgier.

All photos credit: Adam Rose/FOX

FOX Caption: Coach Beiste (guest star Dot Jones, L), Will (Matthew Morrison, R)
and Sue (Jane Lynch, C) argue in Principal Figgins’ office
Our Caption:
Scheuster is femmest thing in picture.

FOX Caption: Sue (Jane Lynch, R) and Santana (Naya Rivera, L) have a little chat.
Our Caption: "What’s this I hear about you keying Mark Salling’s car?"


FOX Caption: Puck (Mark Salling, L) tries to get Quinn’s (Dianna Agron, R) attention.
Our Caption: "Girl is crazy. You should’ve seen what she did to my Lexus."

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