“Mistresses” recap (1.07): Dancing Shoes

The next morning at April’s, Joss is feeding her daughter cookies and coffee because that’s what good Aunties do. April tries once more to have a heart-to-heart about what’s going on between her and Savi, and Joss admits to being really hurt that she was the last to know about everything. She tells her that she doesn’t want to keep her in the middle of things, so she’s going to stay with Alex for a little while. April wonders if that’s such a good idea, but Joss assures her that they’re just friends. But there’s no way that’s staying platonic for long if she keeps running around in those shorts.

11 joss shorts

Joss heads off to work, and April calls Hot Dad to tell her she’s on board. She’s ready to move on and she wants to do it with him. April shuffles her daughter out the door and smiles contentedly at how wonderful her life is in that very moment. Sadly, a moment is all she has, because when she hears a knock and opens her front door, there, once again, stands her supposedly dead husband, but this time he says “Hello.”

What did you think of “All In”? Are you excited to see what happens once Joss and Alex are under the same roof?

Here are some of our favorite #HomoWrecker tweets from this week. I hope someday to be as funny as you guys:









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