“Mistresses” recap (1.07): Dancing Shoes

Joss and Alex go to the Bronze and Joss is drinking at about three times the rate of her ladyfriend. Some guys are not-so-smoothly checking out the girls and Joss says it’s really too bad Alex isn’t into guys they seem to be into her. Instead of taking it in stride and saying, “I’m cured! I want the boys!” and/or singing Joss a song, Alex just looks a little uncomfortable. Used to the rapt attention of men, Joss does what she does best and turns up the sexy.

7 dancing joss

She starts dancing all up on Alex, but Alex got “dancing with girls for boys’ entertainment” out of her system a long time ago and shakes Joss off. Joss starts to panic because this is now the second person this week who isn’t reacting to her go-to moves. She projects her sister’s judgement onto Alex and Alex gets fed up, tosses cab money down for Joss, and storms out.

Detective Dude goes to Karen’s to help fix the camera, and she offers to repay him, using wine as the currency. “Thank you” wine inevitably turns into a bit of a therapy session, which inevitably turns into a date, which inevitably Karen screws up. Poor Detective Dude leaves, not knowing that she probably inadvertently just saved him from being serial killed by Sam, who is lurking outside in his car.

Joss uses the cab money Alex left her to go to Alex’s apartment and apologize for going a little loco. Alex tells Joss that she can tell something’s up and to just spill it, so Joss finally comes clean about her fight with her sister and how they haven’t talked in two days (which is an eternity in the world of the Davis Sisters) and she even moved out. Alex and her big, sympathetic eyes look at Joss and ask why she hadn’t said anything before. Joss finally lets one of her walls down and shrugs, her words saying “I didn’t want to be a drag” but really meaning, “I’m supposed to be the breezy one who makes everyone smile when they’re down, I’m not supposed to have problems of my own.”

8 sad joss

Alex tells her that they’re friends, and that friends can share these kinds of things with each other. Joss isn’t used to having friends of her own, friends who wouldn’t automatically brush her off or side with her sister. She isn’t used to having someone who is all hers. But Alex is, you know. Hers.

9 alex

April decides to take Joss’s advice and try to let Paul go, once and for all, but must have gotten some advice from Karen also, because otherwise I can’t explain why on earth she thought the right decision was to leave her engagement ring on her husband’s grave. Especially when she just had to sell part of her store! She should have just given the thing to Mistress Bitch to pawn and called it a day.

10 aprilI’m so nice I do backwards graverobbing on my days off.

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