“Mistresses” recap (1.07): Dancing Shoes


Over in her gigantic house, in a living room that is larger than my two-bedroom New York apartment, Karen is wallowing around in the dark, drinking red wine and listening to her messages. She has three, and all of them are just breathing noises. Most people who have seen horror movies would have gotten the hell out of dodge, but Karen decides instead to just move to another dark room in the house and watch some television. She obviously was not watching Pretty Little Liars, because when she heard a suspicious noise—despite all the evidence that she has an actual, physical, psycho-stalker—she ignores it. That is, until the noises get louder. Then she grabs a golf clu—oh, no wait, she grabs an iPad. She checks her fancy new security cameras to see that one has been dismantled, so she makes a good decision for once in her life and calls Detective Dude. Good job, Karen.

4 good job karen

Joss and Joss’s Legs go to Alex’s yoga studio to invite her out for a drink— because she needs booze and she needs it now. Alex has another class to teach, though, and despite Joss asking her to blow it off, Alex asks if she can meet her later instead. Joss tries once again to figure out what kind of spell Alex cast over Olivier, as though she hadn’t fallen under the same exact one, and Alex points out that she’s kind of obsessive when it comes to her boss. Alex tells her that a little yoga might do her good, Joss proves that she’s not in her right mind by saying no to an hour of watching Alex bend and stretch and storms out, saying they’ll meet up later.

5 jalex

That night, April and Hot Dad finally go on a real date in a real restaurant. Hot Dad wants to take things to the next level—tell the kids, go on a vacation, the whole shabang. He can see this makes her nervous, so he tells her to take a few days to think about it, no pressure. It’s all sweet and mature and perfect so you know something is going to go terribly wrong. And of course, it does. As they’re about to leave the restaurant, April sees her dead husband standing across the street, looking a lot less dead than expected.

Joss is at April’s, out of her work clothes and into something she got from the costume department of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. April is hysterical, rambling about seeing her dead husband while she was on her date with Hot Dad. After determining April wasn’t tripping on acid, Joss sits her down for some real talk. Hot Dad had just been asking to make things more serious, more committed, and it’s April’s first real relationship since Paul died. Of course she was going to have anxiety about it. Her anxiety is just in the form of seeing Paul’s ghost. Joss assures her that it’s perfectly normal and she shouldn’t worry about it.

6 joss and aprilDon’t worry, if Paul’s back, I’ll slay him or my sister will vanquish him.

At Savi’s work event, she goes to chat up the big bosses while Harry grabs a drink. While at the bar, Dom sidles up to the Aussie and plays it totally cool. She flashes his most charming smile and congratulates him on the baby. Harry quickly puts the pieces together and before you know it, his fist is flying through the air. Savi comes out of the office to see what the commotion was to find a bleeding Dom, who feels more than just physically hurt.

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