“Mistresses” recap (1.12): Au Revoir


Joss goes to work, looking better hungover than most people I know look on their best day, and finds out that she has been promoted. She thanks her chipper coworker for the news, but tells her that she’s out of here. She needs to make changes. She doesn’t see the point in being good at something she hates, so she packs up a box, trades a plastic frog for a property, and struts right on out of there.

Karen, not fully appreciative of the fact that she JUST evaded jail time, decides to call up the wife of her dead ex-patient-lover slash mother of her most recent fling and berate her for calling the licensing board and telling them absolutely true things about her abuse of said license. “Look,” she says, “Rosewood residents let Dr. Wren practice literally any kind of medicine he wants, and you don’t see THEM taking his license away.” Wifey is too drunk to really understand what’s happening, except for that she’s pissed.

At April’s shop, her and Paul have coffee, while Hot Dad watches disapprovingly from a distance. After their conversation, April tells Lucy that maybe she should start seeing a therapist again, because there seems to be a lot going on in her sassy little mind. Lucy agrees and confesses that April isn’t around a lot and she doesn’t want Hot Dad to become her Hot Stepdad because she still misses her old family.

Savi and Dom go on a date, and it’s really adorable and full of banter and flaming chocolate desserts. Afterwards, Dom kisses Savi, who is shocked to find she was so not as ready for that as she thought she was. She apologizes to him, but he understands. He’s willing to wait, to take it slow. He’s just happy to be nominated.

Mistresses 112-5

Karen is busy packing up her office when Handsome Jacob comes in, unresponsive to her attempts at nostalgia. Handsome Jacob’s Handsome face gets angry and he confesses to turning her into the board. The morphine thing he could have gotten behind, but the affair thing is a whole different story. Angry Jacob tells Karen that she could have ruined his reputation right along with his, and that she should not bother coming back, even after her six month suspension is up.

When Alex gets home from work, Joss is waiting there. Joss quickly promises that this will not be a regular thing, she’s not going to be creepily waiting for her wherever she goes—she just has a parting gift for her. She hands Alex a folder, a property that she has negotiated the price down and that would be perfect for a yoga studio. Alex considers this gesture and has to ask Joss why she did this, why she agreed to be in a relationship with her. Alex knows why she did it, she was secretly hoping that Joss was bisexual, and that she could change her noncommittal ways. Alex asks why Joss played house with her all this time if she knew she wasn’t in it the way Alex was. Joss looks at her and finally speaks honestly. She didn’t want to lose her. When Alex told her that they couldn’t be friends because Alex wanted more than Joss could give her, Joss panicked. The connection she and Alex shared was deeper than anything she’s ever had with anyone who wasn’t her sister, and she wasn’t willing to lose it. Not without a fight. And if sexuality was a choice, Joss would still be all in. But the ladybits want what they want, and Joss was about as good at being a lesbian as I was at being straight in college. We tried, Joss, we tried. Let’s just be ourselves from now on, okay?

Mistresses 112-6Processing while leaning against a BEAUTIFUL TOYOTA?
Maybe you are a lesbian after all, Joss.

Alex and Joss part ways one last time and my heart breaks for a friendship lost.

April goes to see Zombie Paul again and to see him off to the airport once and for all. He confesses that he skipped his flight again and she is not pleased. He begs her for a second chance—he’ll turn himself in, he’ll do anything, he just misses his family. Weakened by his echoing of her daughter’s words, she allows him to get close to her. He leans in for a kiss, and she hesitates, but eventually gives in. I hope he’s not a bite-kisser or she’ll be a zombie in no time.

Savi calls her business manager and says she’ll write a check to save Savannah’s, but that Harry cannot know who gave the money. She takes of her wedding ring before climbing into bed, hoping to wake up a little more ready to move on than she feels right now.

Joss is unpacking her stuff into the pool house, single and jobless, but ready to start anew. Something catches her eye and she notices that Savi’s paternity test results are missing from her bedside drawer.

Mistresses 112-7

Meanwhile, Harry is sitting in his restaurant, sipping booze and staring broodily at an envelope – the very envelope, in fact, that was taken from Joss’s nightstand. He has the stolen paternity test, though it seems he’s attempting to read them with X-ray vision before opening them the old-fashioned way.

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Next week on Mistresses, Karen’s slew of terrible decisions finally gets someone shot and honestly it better be someone in her own twisted little storyline because none of the others deserve this!

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