“Mistresses” recap (1.08): The Plucky One

Karen, making what is sure to be the most fatal of her terrible decisions, goes to pay Sam’s mother—the wife of her dead ex-lover—a visit. She tries to talk as a therapist and tells her that Sam has fallen in love with her, but Sam’s mom keeps her eyes dark as she calls Karen out and says that maybe if she confesses to fooling around with his father, Sam might not be quite as infatuated. Sam slithers out from the shadowy corner he was hiding in and his eyes glow red as Karen realizes she is as good as dead where she stands.

At Alex’s apartment, Joss has made—sorry, obtained—brunch for the two of them, complete with mojitos, when Alex returns from yoga. Alex can’t help but smile but asks Joss what she’s doing, reminding her of their conversation. Joss smiles and simply says no. She’s not accepting the termination of the friendship. Without a change in tone, she switches back and forth between offering her food from the table and informing Alex that she will be fighting for her, fighting for them. She wants to ride this out, to see where it goes. She doesn’t make any kind of promises, she doesn’t ask anything in return. She simply offers, possibly for the first time in her life, to be someone’s girlfriend. Because hey, she might just be really good at it. For the first time since meeting Joss, Alex allows herself to consider this, because even though that little voice is still nagging at her, maybe—just maybe—Joss will be a fabulous girlfriend.


What did you think of “Ultimatum”?

I’m so glad I had my #HomoWrecker crew last night, so I knew the Jolex storyline was really happening and wasn’t all in my head. Here are some of our favorite tweets from this week:










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