“Mistresses” at the TCA Press Tour

Conn had an amusing exchange with a reporter specifically about the lesbian role on the series.

Reporter: Anna
Torv has gone on to be a star in America, and she’s an
FBI agent [on Fringe] and stopping monsters every week and so
forth. And you’re probably the only one in the room
who had a chance to have a lot of makeup — make-out
sessions with her and so forth.

Conn: Lucky old me.

Reporter (continuing): First of all, what was that like in
general, that role, and –


Conn: Do you mean in general — making out with

Reporter (continuing): Yeah, just to film those scenes, what was
that experience like? Because it’s probably a
different kind of acting than you usually have. And
also, how surprised were you when Anna suddenly jumped
over to a big series in America?

Conn: Well, firstly, not at all surprised.
She’s a very talented actress, and I watched the pilot
on the way over here, so I got to take a look at what
she was doing, and I’m just really impressed with her
work and wish her all the success. And, you know,
we’ve kept in contact a little bit, so I’ll be
e-mailing her very soon to tell her that I’m really
impressed with her work.

And on the question on what it was like to be making
out with her all the time, well, it’s — you know, I
was very lucky in that she’s a very talented actress
and she’s — you know, she’s very sensitive — to be able
to work with her. And we were very, sort of just
honest with each other and allowed, you know — that
just allowed a sort of freedom which is essential.

mean, it is always strange to be making out with
somebody who you don’t usually make out with, whether
they’re male or female. So to me, that wasn’t an
issue so much as it’s just, you know, odd if it’s not
your regular partner.

Jessica’s trajectory from cocky and confident, to vulnerable and uncertain, is one of the things that attracted Conn to the role.

"It’s just great fun
to be able to have somebody who thinks they know
everything about the world," said Conn. "They have this philosophy
on life that they’re dead set on and then to have
their world turned upside down by something so simple
and so real and human as love was a joy. I
like character-led pieces and relationship-led pieces, so it was an ideal job for me in that respect."

Conn added, "I sort of feel like [Jessica]
has the alter ego I wish I had."

The first season of Mistresses airs Fridays on BBC America beginning Feb. 20. The second season is scheduled to debut in the U.K. early this year.

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