Mel Robertson and Nicole Pacent talk “Queens of the World”

AE: Nicole, how much soccer have you played?
NP: I actually played for several years when I was younger. My dad was actually always my coach. I played until I quit for field hockey, which I loved. I love anything athletic and for so long I’ve wanted to do a film where I could combine the physical with the acting. A large part of my acting training was physically based, so it’s second nature to work this way.

AE: Thanks to Anyone But Me, you’re such a big sex symbol in the lesbian community —
NP: (Laughs.) Thanks. It’s really cool and then I get here and think there are so many beautiful women. I definitely don’t feel like I stand out when I’m anywhere like this. The response to me and to Anyone But Me has been amazing.

AE: Is Queens of the World going to be racier than Anyone But Me?
MR: Yes it is. The characters in the script start off in high school and there’s a sex scene, but it’s going to be tasteful in the fact that they’re 17 years old and we don’t want to go that far with it. Then there might be one later on that’s an adult sex scene.

NP: Whether they’re 17 or not, in reading the script, I got incredibly into the intimate scenes with them because it doesn’t matter what we show. The way that Mel has written it, it’s all that you need to really get the picture of what’s going on in a realistic way. You understand exactly what they’re doing. It’s no-holes-barred but you don’t have to see all of it, which I really appreciate about any film.

MR: Even though there are a couple of sex scenes in it, the way I feel about it is there are a couple of other scenes outside of those that are sexier and more intimate.

NP: I got butterflies just reading it.

Nikki Caster and Nicole Pacent 

Photo by: Lory Ambrosini

AE: So, have you ever made out with a celebrity?
NP: Hmmm, no, not made out with! Talked to, hugged, yes! (Laughs)

AE: And if you had your pick?
NP: I’d say Kate Moennig, but that’s so obvious!

AE: She’d have to come out for that to happen first!
NP: You can’t see an eye roll in print, can you? (Laughs.) It’s hard to say. I love Mila Kunis. I’m not usually into femme girls, but I love her!

AE: What’s a girl at Dinah have to do to get a date with you?
NP: (Laughs.) Challenge me! In terms of dating, I need someone who’s going to challenge me mentally. I’m very into that. Anyone who’s going to be passive and agree with me all the time, I’m not into it.

AE: I think you’re wrong.
NP: (Laughs.)

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