Meet the Anti-Bullying PSA Contest Grand Prize Winners!


You voted and the results are clear: The winners of Logo’s Anti-Bullying PSA contest are Janet Dowell, a lesbian mom from Texas,
and Robby Bernstein, a high school student from Ohio.

and Robby’s Public Service Announcements will play on Logo TV in the
near future (when we have a date and time, we’ll let you know!)

Robby Bernstein (left) and Janet Dowell & family

I’m so proud of both of them. Their videos express such strong messages in a way that’s accessible and empathetic.

Janet Dowell’s Video

Janet Dowell is a mother of two living in Plano, Texas. Her passion
for children and teens drove her to obtain a master’s degree in social
work, and for over 11 years she has been joyfully devoted to raising
her own children. As a lesbian herself, Janet knows how important it is
for the world to accept each one of us the way we are born.

She felt compelled to produce her message for the anti-bullying PSA
contest because, as she states, “Our children should not want to die.”
On the heels of this award, Janet looks forward to making more movies
that make a difference.

Robby Bernstein’s Video

Robby Bernstein currently attends Madison High School in Madison,
Ohio, where he is completing his senior year.  He is a competitive
swimmer, a member of the video productions department, and an asset to
the high school show choir, Eclectica. He spends his free time playing
music and spending time with his friends. After high school Robby plans
to attend Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

The idea expressed in Robby’s video was a result of collaboration
between Robby and his classmates. They discussed different aspects of
bullying that they wanted to express, and labeling seemed to be the
most prominent in high school situations, and also the one that is most
relevant to them.

Click here to see the wonderful anti-bullying PSAs from all the other finalists again.

And please embed them on your own site and link to them from
Facebook and Twitter. The message that each of our finalists convey is
important and necessary.