Meet the 50 adorable pups who won the AfterEllen Dog Draft!




Hometown: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Mutt! Running back! Ability to hold down the fort, makes food magically disappear!



Hometown: Joplin

This is Abby, a border collie. She’s the smartest dog I’ve ever met. She likes chewing on ropes, tennis balls, and lying down in your spot. She does not like linoleum floors, hummingbirds, or leashes.



Hometown: Mesa

He is a true wonder dog!

Spencer Tracy


Hometown: New York City

Plays for: Katie and Jen. Breed: Havanese (we think…he was a rescue pup). Position Played: Sock Running Back. Our boy can run and jump with the best of them especially when a sock is in play. Special Skills: 1. Wooing the ladies one Tiffany’s gift at a time; 2. Future Olympic Champion: Spence can take a running jump and completely clear an entire La-Z-Boy sofa; 3. Imelda Marcos of coats and sweaters and will happily walk the runway for you; 4. connoisseur of cheese; 5: Total romantic and all-star cuddler

Lucy and Sophie


Hometown: Nashville

“Just try and get that ball past us!” My little Georgia peaches adopted from the Humane Society!

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