Meet the 50 adorable pups who won the AfterEllen Dog Draft!




Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Position: Defense. Special skills: #beingahipster, trying to walk on her hind legs like a person, shedding a shit ton of fur every day, befriending cats and making an A-line for humans and their attention and affection. #cleareyesfullhearts



OMG!! U guys!! I wanna put my tongue on every single one of u!! Thanks sooo very much for 400 of u! I am happy that I can bring a laugh or joy to even 1 person. I am from a scary kill shelter and never thought I’d see the day when I got an iPhone and made an Instagram! Shout out to ppl who adopt!! Kisses!! Hand holds!!! Licks!!



Hometown: Guatemala City

Plays for: Her two mommies. Breed: Beagle. Position Played: She runs really fast… Offense, I guess?! Special Skills: Destroying Toilet Paper.



Hometown: Perth, Australia

Breed: Kelpie/Something. Super stealth. Yawn and her tongue will be in your mouth. Also, bow ties.

Rita Maybelle


Hometown: Nashville, TN

BOOM! FEAST YOUR EYES ON THIS SWEET BABY! Most def a wide receiver! She can run faster than a cheetah on steroids, she can jump like MJ, and with super sonic hearing abilities, she is NOT afraid to bark (and bark) to let you know that there is someone coming. What a CHAMPION of LOVE!

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